Experienced. Resourceful. Innovative.

Supporting Planning & Project Management

We provide critical insights that offer our clients the benefit of sixty years of expertise at the intersections of project development and oversight, law, government and finance.

Crafting Expert Communications

We know what to say and how to say it. Our expertise helps clients formulate and execute strategic communications with key stakeholders in government and the private sector.

Creating Strategic Relationships

Utilizing our dynamic global relationships, we facilitate game-changing introductions between clients and potential partners. We seek to promote lasting, quality relationships.

Mobilizing Resources

We help you navigate through the challenges of resource mobilization, saving you time and money.  We identify, vet and prioritize available government and private sources of capital, and help you prepare a proposal that is pitch perfect.

Identifying Local Partners

Think globally, act locally.
We create partnerships with reliable local businesses to advance projects for our clients. We also can identify reputable local partners for clients seeking to expand their operations.

Finding Opportunities

We help you grow your business by identifying attractive opportunities at home or abroad.  Whether you seek to replicate your current operations in a new country or diversify your operations with a new, reliable partner, we can help!